[tighturl-users] link mismarked as spam?

Ron Guerin ron at vnetworx.net
Wed Oct 27 22:19:21 EDT 2010

Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Hi TightURL folks!
> I made the following post on identi.ca today, using your service running
> at 2tu.us:
> http://identi.ca/notice/57546629
> The tightened URL pointed to a blog post about the Fedora Project
> elections:
> http://wordshack.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/uncle-panda/
> However if you visit the tightened URL it doesn't work, saying:
> "The TightURL redirection URL you have requested has been disabled due
> to abuse complaints. You should never click on links you got in spam! "
> http://2tu.us/2rzm
> I would like to know how my link abused TightURL. It certainly wasn't my
> intention to abuse it, and if I did so it was unknowingly. I've been
> using TightURL for several months now to promote blog posts about Fedora
> on my identi.ca account, and I like using it because it uses Free
> Software.
> Can you tell me what happened?

Well, none of this was your fault, and your link and a couple of dozen
others have been unblocked.   Please accept my apologies.

First, thanks for reporting this, which apparently happened in the last
half hour or so.  I would have noticed it soon anyway, but the sooner
the better.

Second, I removed tighturl at tighturl.com from the homepage a few days ago
because people seem to send the abuse reports there instead of the
abuse@ address.  Obviously this was a mistake, as you ended up here, and
this list is for users of the TightURL code, not the service at
tighturl.com/2tu.us .  But tighturl at tighturl.com would be a better place
to mail me about the service, and I'm going to change the template again
to reflect that.

Third...  something went wrong with anti-abuse code I added last night. 
Your link should not have been blocked.  I seem to be getting most of
the abuse of the service during the 4 hours twice a week I'm in a class
and I can't deal with it properly, and as a result, I pushed some
changes into production that in hindsight needed more testing.  I'm
going to back those changes out until I fix the bug and test some more.

- Ron

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