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Dave nugenx7 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 16:25:39 EST 2011

I have a quick question if you dont mind. I use tighturl for personal use
and its great.
My question is about the protection using the anti-spam protection.  From
my index.php file it states im running version 0.1.4.
When I try to input a known blocked url into my site, it allows it.  When I
try it on tighturl.com, it blocks it.  I am getting the test
site right from uribl.com.  Im using (www.ramseyglassworks.com) for the
test.  When i add it to my site using the current setup, it will shorten
When I try on the tighturl site, here is the output:
        Error: Submitted URL (http://www.ramseyglassworks.com) is listed in
, black.uribl.com. You may not create a TightURL link for it.

Here is the setup in the config file:
 * Operating modes
$FOFMethod = TRUE; //FALSE=Use full URL path or mod_rewrite, TRUE=Use 404
Method to compress URLs
$antiabuse = TRUE;  //0=do not run network checks or other anti-abuse
measures on submitted URIs, 1=run tests
                    //Must be set to something other than true to deactivate
$netchecks = TRUE;  //0=do not run network checks, 1=run network tests as
part of anti-abuse system
$mustexist = TRUE;  //0=do not check URLs to see if they exist, 1=check
URLs if netchecks are on.
$BB2=TRUE;          //0=do not use Bad Behavior, 1=Protect your site with
Bad Behavior

 * URIBL variables
$uribl = array("multi.surbl.org", "black.uribl.com");
$uriblurl = array("www.surbl.org", "www.uribl.com");

Im not sure why its not working of if im missing something in my config.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

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